Three methods of measuring the electric quantity of mobile phone battery

2018-09-30 17:00:13

There are three technologies to measure the remaining capacity of the mobile phone battery.

Voltage test method

This method is relatively simple and can be obtained by simply monitoring the mobile phone battery voltage. But the power and voltage of cell phone are not linear, so this test method is not accurate. Especially when the power of the mobile phone is less than 50%, this method is very imprecise.

Cell modeling method for cell phone

This method is based on the discharge curve of the mobile phone battery to set up a data table, which indicates the value of the electric quantity under different voltages. This method can effectively improve the accuracy of the measurement. But to get an accurate data sheet is not simple, because the relationship between voltage and power also involves the temperature, self discharge and aging of mobile phone battery. Only when combined with many factors can we get satisfactory electric quantity measurement.

Coulomb meter

In connection with a current detection resistor in the positive and negative electrode of a mobile phone battery, the coulommeter will produce an induction when the current flows through the resistance. By detecting the induction, the current can be calculated to flow through the mobile phone battery, so it can be accurate to track the change of the battery's electricity, and the precision can reach 1%. It is the most accurate method of battery power detection