What are the misunderstandings in the process use of cell phone battery

2018-05-30 14:03:14

In today's society, mobile phones have already become the necessities of people's life, and batteries provide sufficient power for mobile phones. What are the misunderstandings in the use of cell phone battery?

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1. Recharge the battery after the cell phone battery is exhausted

Influenced by the use of Ni MH batteries, many people still prefer to completely use up the battery and recharge the battery. For lithium batteries, this does not avoid the effect of memory effect, and the amount of lithium element activity is insufficient when the electricity is recharged after light, which will affect the capacity of the battery for a long time.

2, cell phone battery should be full (or empty) for long periods of time.

Many people have multiple cell phones or lots of batteries, some batteries are not used for a long time, and many use two extremes - full or free. In fact, these two methods will affect the life of mobile phone. The right way is to charge the mobile phone to 40~60% and store it in a cool and dry place.

3, cell phone battery the first charge takes more than 12 hours

In 2013, the mobile phone used more lithium batteries than the former Ni MH battery. The lithium battery did not have the memory effect (the correct memory effect was weak). There was no activation. Long time charging would cause certain damage to the battery. So how much is the time control for the first charge? It depends on the capacity of the battery. In general, in 2~4 hours, the cell phone can be recharged for half an hour after the charge is completed.

4. Overcharge will cause cell phone battery explosion

A lithium battery usually has a safety protection circuit and a variety of safety devices, which can automatically cut off the battery's circuit when overcharging and discharging the discharge and short-circuiting; high pressure in the battery can also trigger the exhaust device to decompress; the high temperature of the battery will trigger the hot-melt protection device to stop the electrochemical reaction of the battery. Therefore, unless there are quality problems, the battery will not explode because of charging for a long time. However, if the power is not removed, it will keep the battery in full power. Although it will not explode, it will speed up the loss of battery capacity. In addition, there are rumors that the phone will explode when charging the phone. Lu Jianguo said that this argument is untenable. If there is such a danger, the product will set up a program that does not connect to the phone when charging. However, from a healthy point of view, wires can limit the user's range of activities and charge the phone when charging. It may cause the user to stay in one place for a long time, causing muscle tension, so it is advisable to pull out the power and call it. Do not cover anything on the battery when charging. Do not put it on the bed to avoid fire.

5. cell phone battery use "universal charger"

Many people like to use the "universal charger" and think that the universal charger is both cheap and convenient. However, this charger is not produced in the original factory, and its charging current is not suitable for all types of batteries, and the charger itself is poor in quality and causes many explosions.

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6, Let cell phone battery sun

Many old models show less battery power in winter because the cold makes the chemical reaction in the battery lower, so many people prefer to put their phones in the sun, or to "warm" the heat. This is also wrong. Once the battery is overheated, it will easily cause explosion.

7, the cell phone battery can be frozen in the fridge freezer for three days to restore electricity.

There are rumors on the Internet that the old cell phones in the refrigerator can be frozen for three days to restore part of the electricity. Many netizens try to see the real effect. In fact, this kind of practice is not advisable. The humidity in the refrigerator freezer is large. Once the mobile phone battery is dampened, it will easily be in danger. The expert said: "cell phone battery storage for a period of time do not use, again when the use of electricity will have a partial recovery, freezing in the refrigerator, will destroy the internal structure of the battery, although it will show a short amount of electricity growth, but after a number of use will lose effect, and seriously affect the life of the electric pool."

8, the cell phone battery can not be used until the battery charge limit is reached.

In the manual of the mobile phone, the number of batteries is usually marked with the limit of the number of battery use, while the consumer takes the secondary value to calculate the battery life. In fact, the life of the battery depends on various factors such as use, preservation, charging and so on, and there is no fixed value.

9, do not pay attention to cell phone battery cleaning

In mobile phone users, few people pay attention to the cleaning of the battery. In fact, rubbing the metal surface of the battery by rubbing it occasionally can remove the rusty material on the metal surface, help to charge the battery and prolong the life of the battery.

10, mobile = game machine

Some young people like the game type mobile phone, hold a mobile phone where to play where to play, but the game - sex mobile phone has high performance and poor heat dissipation. Long time use will cause the body and cell phone battery to overheat and explode.

11, the cell phone battery display is full, but the phone will automatically turn off after a while.

In this case, most of the battery charges are abnormal and need to be recharged for eight hours.

12, the cell phone battery is not power after the automatic shutdown of the phone can not charge into the electricity.

This is completely used in the battery. It also needs to be filled with universal charge for a while until the battery is charged and then directly charged.

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