mobile battery suppliers: what happens when a phone charges for a long time?

2018-03-09 14:03:29

In life, many people charge the battery before going to bed, and then unplug the power the next morning. Will charging the phone battery for a long time cause damage to the phone? Today, the mobile battery suppliers will discuss this issue with you.

mobile battery suppliers

If the mobile phone charger is qualified, the mobile phone battery including the battery protection board is also qualified, is original, or is produced by a high-quality mobile battery suppliers, then the mobile phone battery will not damage the battery, but will waste power.

After the mobile phone is fully charged, even if the charger is always plugged in, under the control of the battery protection board, the mobile phone battery no longer accepts power, and the charger can no longer charge the mobile phone.

But the mobile battery suppliers does not recommend everyone to do this:

Mobile phone charging intelligent automatic management, full of self-stop, no harm to mobile phones, mobile phone batteries. However, when the battery power is slowly consumed to a certain extent, it will automatically charge to full. This cycle continues. Since any electrical appliance has a reliability problem, the mobile battery suppliers recommends that you do not develop the bad habit of plugging in the charger for a long time, in case it causes a major accident.

For the charger, it can be plugged in continuously without burning out, and the power consumption can be neglected. The power consumption of the charger 1-2W is very small.

After charging to the upper threshold, the charging circuit stops charging the battery until the voltage falls below the lower threshold and restarts charging...

Many people think that the battery should be full. In fact, the mobile battery suppliers has a large amount of data to show that lowering the charging voltage can improve the battery cycle life, that is, not to be full, and can extend the life of the mobile phone battery.