Can ordinary cell phone use fast battery charging technology?

2018-08-27 14:03:34

Battery technology has always been a bottleneck restricting the development of mobile phones. Because battery technology belongs to the category of chemistry rather than electronics. With the rapid development of smart phones, the power consumption of mobile phones is also rising. Accordingly, the corresponding fastbattery charging technology came into being.

Let's start with flash charging technology. Flash charging is one of the fast battery charging technology. There's a lot of hype and official explanations for flash technology, but there's only two at the heart: one is a segmented charge current control, and the other is a multi-line setup for charging cables and batteries.

Simply put, in fact, when the cell phone battery power is low, using a larger current charge, as the charging voltage rises, the charging current gradually decreases, which is the battery charging technology called piecewise charging current control.

fast battery charging technology

In addition, the flashing charging cable is expanded from ordinary 4-pin or 5-pin to 7-pin, mainly in order to solve the problem of excessive loss of high current in the transmission line, the battery contacts increase accordingly, and some current sharing measures are taken to solve the problem of battery heating under high current.

Its biggest advantage is that the battery is also adjusted accordingly, which can reduce the heating of the battery and the whole system. The second advantage is reliability design, but this is not the key technology, and we will not elaborate on this. The third is fast, especially in the middle and late stages, flash charging in fast battery charging technology is indeed the fastest.

However, it is not perfect to have no shortcomings, on the contrary, flash has a fatal disadvantage, that is, it and other Android phone charging compatibility issues, its adapter, charging cable, battery, mobile phone side circuit are their own technology, resulting in this technology difficult to promote.

It may also affect the experience of mobile phone users, because the essence of flash charging is focused on the charger, so once you go out and forget to bring the charger, the charging efficiency will be greatly reduced, and this situation is still easy to happen. Conversely, if you use a flash charger to charge other phones, because the phone does not have the appropriate adapter, the charging effect is equivalent to a large current charge, and the effect will not be as good as a flash-charged phone.

Let's talk about Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2 technology, which is also one of the fast battery charging technology. The core technology is to reduce the charging current by increasing the charging voltage, so as to reduce the power consumption on the charging line. There will be corresponding voltage reduction circuit on the mobile phone side, which converts high voltage low current into low voltage high current.

So, essentially, flash charging is the same as Quick Charge 2.0, both by supplying a larger charge current to the mobile phone battery at the beginning of the battery, and gradually reducing the charge current as the battery voltage rises.

The advantage and disadvantage of Quick Charge 2.0 is that it has good compatibility and inheritance. The external interface of Quick Charge 2.0 is based on universal USB standard. It doesn't need to buy special cables. However, the mobile phone without quick charging function charges in normal way when using Quick Charge 2.0 charger.

The disadvantage is that the side of the phone will have a greater fever and a slower charge than the flash phone.

Simply speaking, flash charging is actually better than Quick Charge 2.0 in terms of fast battery charging technology, because it has made corresponding adjustments to all aspects of charging, but to popularize, simply looking at the technology itself is not realistic.

From the development point of view, because of the properties of integrated chips, Quick Charge 2.0 is more suitable for popularization, and now many high-end models have adopted this technology, has basically formed an ecological environment, the driving force of the giant will play a great role.

In short, fast battery charging technology power supply because of the output of large current, when charging ordinary mobile phones, even in normal mode, will be faster than the conventional charger, but the charging efficiency must not be able to adapt to the fast battery charging technology of mobile phones.